Our Packages have been meticulously planned and constructed around the ideals of pleasure, luxury and experience.

We are not offering the chance to ride a bike but more the opportunity to explore its capabilities and discover its strengths.

Our rides will present to you, the best local scenery, the finest establishments and food as well as premier time in the saddle.

Dorset – Trail tour

Our typical trail tour will last 3 days and take in the best of Dorsets scenic back roads and secluded byways. We will deliver a host of confidence inspiring sessions that will see your riding progress and your confidence blossom. The idyllic setting of our tours is presented via a carefully curated network of establishments and historic architecture. Always supported and filled with endless highlights the Dorset package is a firm staple for SME.


Dorset – Superior package

“Riding the Brough” is the cornerstone of SME as a company. Offering this stand-alone opportunity to pilot one of the worlds more exclusive and desirable motorcycles in the country where the brand was born. Experience the elation of tracing the heritage of the this capable and comfortable engineered masterpiece. We will lead you on a panoramic preview of the finest roads in Dorset. Routes can take in Seaside visits, retrace the steps of T.E Lawrence or simply lace together the ridge views and winding valleys of this unspoilt English county. The evocative Brough Superior will be your companion and as ever SME will be your guide and support.  Choose the package that best suits you, If you don’t see it why not create it Bespoke.

Pyrenees – Trail tour

The beckoning Pyrenean mountains are the jewel in our experience packages. We have worked here for some year generating a network of elaborate and breathtaking gravel trails and forgotten mountain passes. We have strong connections with the local establishments and our base of operations at Eira Ski lodge is the pinnacle of luxury in the Val D’ Aran valley. You will stare out at from Baqueira, Beret each morning at a view spanning for miles across the surrounding region. After a coffee, cooked breakfast and morning briefing you will head out over the often snowcapped mountains and loop throughout the cultural Catalunyan valleys that make up our routes. Panoramic pit stops and authentic lunches annotate your experience. We will leave you with a lasting vision of the Pyrenees and its endless delivery of captivating vistas.