Cinematic motorcycle tours in the Val D’ Aran Pyrenees

Bikes, mountains and a spot of luxury.

A small but eager focus group of mixed ability motorcyclist were recently taken to Eira ski lodge, (Superior Motorcycle Experience’s HQ in the Spanish Pyrenees) to sample the SME trail tour package in action. Here’s an account of what happened over the few days, and to be honest the sheer joyful memories that were made:

Eira ski lodge provided everyone with a luxurious foundation for the forthcoming mountain adventure. Elevated above the majestic Val D’ Aran valley, views over the scenery tend to fill the on-looker with awe. However on this occasion there was also a sense of trepidation knowing that was the terrain to be conquered. The lodge is up on the steep ascending Route-de-beret, already at the climax of many a mountain challenge and views over many more. The riders were welcomed with fresh cake and fine coffee which fuelled a keen debate on adventures and expectations.

James had pre-planned various routes amongst the extensive network of mountain passes and historic gravel smugglers routes to share with the group of guests and was keen to see how they’d fare.

The guests were each provided with a Royal Enfield Himalayan which showcased their capabilities brilliantly throughout the mountain range.

Tarmac S-bends and endless switchbacks make up the road network in every direction in the region. When the tarmac surrenders to gravel and the gravel wages war with the element, that marks the beginnings of the SME trail experience. Following in the footsteps of generations of mountain farmers and lacing through historic trade routes, the guests found themselves at some of the most spectacular views in the region.

Never too far behind was the support vehicle, which is there for emergency situations primarily, but also has the vital role of storing refreshments. The team embraced the regular stops to take stock of the surroundings and sink a warm cup of tea or coffee. SME has access to an extensive network of local amenities, and were able to provide the test-group with some amazing authentic local cuisine and wine the valley has to offer. This element of the trip was thoroughly tested and actually became a highlight of the overall experience.

James led the test-riders to forget village on day 1 and tactically took in some easier trail work to usher our guests in gently, allowing for them to warm up to the skill gradually. And if the scenery wasn’t enough (it absolutely was) the group were greeted with a wildlife spectacle: a pack of vultures circling overhead…

to be continued…

Motorcycle trail touring in west​ Dorset

A humble Royal Enfield in a old English wonderland.

We are lucky to have such a varied landscape here in the UK with dramatic coastline, romantic rolling hills, snow-topped mountains, and bustling cities. It can be easy to overlook the quiet and humble countryside lane, but with two-wheels and an engine beneath you, there is quite a thrill to be had. There is ample opportunity to get lost amongst the trails once you know where to look, and we think that Dorset has some of the best on offer.

Superior Motorcycle Experiences have a fleet of Royal Enfield Himalayans, the perfect machine for trail-touring. James is our experienced ride-leader who can take show you the ‘backstage’ of this wonderful rural county, he has a brilliant knack for hand-picking the trails of varying difficulty to cater to the group’s abilities and tastes. Nourishment for the day takes the form of some of the loveliest establishments for breaks and lunches (we’ve tested a lot) and James will be sure to show you points of interest, heritage-sites and incredible photo-opportunity-views throughout the journey. We like to think we’ve managed to capture the essence of adventure and exploration, and then wrapped it up in a rather luxurious bow.

Motorcycle trail touring in west Dorset

Elevated byways and forgotten tracks act as tributaries for the host of spectacular – roads that will make up your daily excursion.  Rider Chelsea Borchert had this to say:

Motorcycle trail touring in west​ Dorset

”Having arrived at Superior Motorcycle Experiences in Sherborne, we unpacked our gear and were made to feel very welcome in the kitchen area, while James made us coffees and briefed us about the day. Eager and excited we geared up and got ready to go and explore the lanes. Making good use of the panniers, filling them with our belongings and important snacks to fuel the adventure.

We headed out of Sherborne getting a feel for the bikes on the road before making a turn onto our first trail. The upright comfortable riding position gives confidence to the rider, as you can easily put your foot flat on the floor. The first trail was a muddy one and was a bit challenging, we made it to the end, removed helmets and were all smiling. Its always fun getting to know a new bike, especially riding off road with friends. The sound of these is really good, it has got a rather nice thump to the standard pipes, the power was perfect for what we needed as we road through some small country lanes grinning underneath our helmets. We headed down a few nice gravel tracks and as the mist was starting to clear and as we got higher, the views across Dorset were wonderfully stunning. We stopped for a tea break and a chat and spent a few moments enjoying the vista. Some more lanes and some more magnificent Dorset views before a much need refuel. We stopped for lunch before heading back via some gravel tracks and crossing a ford.

It was the perfect day out on the perfect bikes, they are practical and functional, really easy to ride – the bikes aren’t intimidating at all. Whether you have done off-roading before or not, these bikes are good for beginners as well as advanced riders, and the mix of terrain
around the area has somet
hing to offer for everyone. Spending the day out with James on Himalayans exploring Somerset was certainly a day well spent. What an incredibly memorable experience, I was blown away.”

Chelsea Borchert –

”It felt like we had discovered some truly hidden gems”

Motorcycle trail touring in west​ Dorset