Being on board a Brough Superior.

23rd April 2019

The phone call of a lifetime, Being on board a Brough Superior.

Being on board a Brough Superior. The chance to ride a Brough Superior in any guise could be and probably is the dream of many motorcyclists all over the world. The brand is steeped in history and is widely regarded as the Bentley of motorcycles in the industry. The reincarnation of such a prestigious brand in the past couple of years has the eyes of the world firmly fixed on it. To receive a call from a good friend of mine asking if I wanted to ride one for two days had me cancelling any plans I may have had before I’d even put the phone down. He assured me it wasn’t a joke and sure enough one week later I was standing in front of 3 gleaming Brough Superiors in Sherborne Dorset. 

Being on board a Brough Superior.

An Engineering motorcycle marvel

The bikes themselves are nothing short of spectacular to look at. Covered in custom parts and billeted aluminium, unusual forks and a huge V-Twin engine that takes centre stage but is immediately outshone once your eyes reach the iconic Brough Superior tank sitting above it. If I’m honest, I could have sat there for at least an hour just staring at it. Love it or hate it, it certainly is a spectacle.
After a coffee and an excited chat with my fellow riders – three of us in total – we were allocated our machines and given some instructions on the character and controls of the bike. 
At nearly £60k they are a pricey option and are definitely aimed at the super rich. Nervous and excited glances all around as we gear up.
I’ve never sat astride a motorcycle that costs this much before so I had no idea what to expect. The first impressions give a feeling of quality for sure and at every opportunity there is branding hitting your eyes. There is no mistaking what you are riding. As a limited edition all bikes are numbered. I was sat on number 40 out of 100. The chrome plaque (what else?) sits neatly in between the two chrome petrol caps.
The position is slightly unusual and you feel that you are perched on top of the bike with that long tank stretched out in front of you which is a similar height to the seat. The bars are narrow and the switch gear neat if somewhat small and fiddly.Turning the ignition the trick looking speedo sets and resets itself, clutch in, hold my breath and thumb the starter. The V-Twin engine roars into life as the twin exhausts make a glorious sound that echoes in the courtyard. Blipping the throttle brings a smile to all of our faces as the reality of what we are riding sets in.

Being on board a Brough Superior.

Am I excited? Yes!!! but my mind is constantly thinking about the value of this bike at the same time!! I had visions of the owner running out and changing his mind before I had a chance to set off so i quickly engaged first gear and followed the other two Broughs onto the main road.
There are two things that you notice immediately. Firstly, this bike is a head turner, young, old male or female. Everyone looks at it. The noise, the chrome, the name. You are riding something special.

Through town the amount of people that stop and stare is astonishing, catching a glimpse in a shop window you understand why. The sunlight bounces off the chrome at every angle and on cloudless days it would be advisable to wear sunglasses for safety when looking at it.
Open country roads beckon as we leave the town behind, the riding position feels good and as things speed up I have to drag my eyes away from the long Brough tank and the twin petrol caps that I’ve staring at whenever I have the opportunity. 

Being on board a Brough Superior.

A Luxurious crowd pleaser – the Brough Superior

Still smiling, I short shift through the gears into the first series of bends and am surprised at how easy it handles them. The once oversensitive brakes are now very effective at scrubbing of the speed if my over excitement gets the better of me, the grunty engine firing me out of some very tight corners on our Dorset B road route. The bike feels neutral and I feel immediately at home and lose any kind of intimidation that I may have had riding a motorcycle with such breeding.
The V-Twin lump isn’t superbike quick by any standards but at over 100hp it is very usable on the roads and can take you to illegal speeds in the blink of an eye. It has masses of torque and you can lazily overtake or drop down a gear or two for warp speed. The distinctive exhaust note encourages unsociable behaviour for such a gentlemanly machine.
After two days in the saddle on beautiful roads in glorious sunshine I would say I’m a huge fan. It’s a very special machine to ride, it makes you feel special and you never get used to the amount of heads that turn for it. It may be quirky but that all adds to the character of the machine and there is certainly nothing ordinary about this bike. Riding these spectacular Brough’s through the stunning Dorset countryside you could be forgiven if your mind wandered back to the days of Lawrence of Arabia who was the most famous customer of the original Brough Superior. An experience that won’t be forgotten.

Being on board a Brough Superior.

I think all three of us were sad to hand back the keys but the price tag was a little out of our reach. Maybe we could club together and buy a communal one. Being on board a Brough Superior, what a day

A huge thank you to Superior Motorcycle Experiences for a wonderful opportunity.

Words By – Alan Diamond