Getting your bike ready for summer…

1st April 2021

The days are getting longer and the sun is starting to tease us with the occasional appearance. If you’re anything like us here at SME, it doesn’t take long for your mind to start daydreaming about all the motorbike adventures there are to be had around the corner…

Some hardy enthusiasts don’t let-up at all throughout the year. But if you’re more of a fair-weather rider and your motorcycle has been gathering dust in the garage, here are some tips for getting your bike in tip-top shape:

close up motorbike engine
  • Charge or change the battery

If you left a battery on your motorbike over the winter season, you will most likely need to charge it or replace it. First of all, give it a decent charge overnight. Once the battery is charged, make sure to test it. If it isn’t holding a charge, replace it, especially if you’ve had it for four years or longer.

  • Check tyre pressure

This is a good opportunity to check the general state of your tyres. Check the thread for general wear, and for any other damage. It might be that you need to replace the tyres entirely. If not, then check the tyres are at the correct PSI according to the recommended measurements. It’s normal for tyre pressure to decrease a little over winter so inflate them again if necessary to ensure safe and smooth riding. 

  • Drain the fuel

If your fuel-tank still has old fuel in it, it might cause issues with your motorcycle starting. Drain the fuel tank and if any grit comes out it’s probably a sign that there is some rust on the inside of the tank. 

  • Change the oil

Experts advise to changing your oil before your first ride of the new motorcycle season. It might have condensation build-up from lack of use. 

  • Clean the headlight

We all know that safety is paramount when riding motorbikes, and one the key factors is making yourself as visible as possible. If you’re headlight has beome foggy or grubby, giving it a clean can make it shine all that brighter. 

  • Clean and lubricate the chain

A dirty chain can inhibit how well a bike runs. A simple way to clean the chain is to use a wire brush dipped in degreaser. Clear any debris and mud off the chain, rinse with fresh degreaser and wipe it dry with a clean sponge or rag. It’s generally a good idea to add some chain lubricant afterward to help it run smoothly once it has been cleaned. 

  • Test ride ‘round-the-block

Once you’re happy you’ve checked the bike over, and replaced or revived any major issues, it’s a good idea to take it for a small trip around your local area before you embark on a long journey. If something goes wrong, you don’t want to be too far from home! Once you’re happy it’s been warmed up and it’s running well you can get out there and enjoy another season on adventure – let’s all keep our fingers crossed for some sunny weather this season!

Stay safe and enjoy another season on two wheels!

James & the SME team