Cinematic motorcycle tours in the Val D’ Aran Pyrenees

2nd April 2019

Bikes, mountains and a spot of luxury.

A small but eager focus group of mixed ability motorcyclist were recently taken to Eira ski lodge, (Superior Motorcycle Experience’s HQ in the Spanish Pyrenees) to sample the SME trail tour package in action. Here’s an account of what happened over the few days, and to be honest the sheer joyful memories that were made:

Eira ski lodge provided everyone with a luxurious foundation for the forthcoming mountain adventure. Elevated above the majestic Val D’ Aran valley, views over the scenery tend to fill the on-looker with awe. However on this occasion there was also a sense of trepidation knowing that was the terrain to be conquered. The lodge is up on the steep ascending Route-de-beret, already at the climax of many a mountain challenge and views over many more. The riders were welcomed with fresh cake and fine coffee which fuelled a keen debate on adventures and expectations.

James had pre-planned various routes amongst the extensive network of mountain passes and historic gravel smugglers routes to share with the group of guests and was keen to see how they’d fare.

The guests were each provided with a Royal Enfield Himalayan which showcased their capabilities brilliantly throughout the mountain range.

Tarmac S-bends and endless switchbacks make up the road network in every direction in the region. When the tarmac surrenders to gravel and the gravel wages war with the element, that marks the beginnings of the SME trail experience. Following in the footsteps of generations of mountain farmers and lacing through historic trade routes, the guests found themselves at some of the most spectacular views in the region.

Never too far behind was the support vehicle, which is there for emergency situations primarily, but also has the vital role of storing refreshments. The team embraced the regular stops to take stock of the surroundings and sink a warm cup of tea or coffee. SME has access to an extensive network of local amenities, and were able to provide the test-group with some amazing authentic local cuisine and wine the valley has to offer. This element of the trip was thoroughly tested and actually became a highlight of the overall experience.

James led the test-riders to forget village on day 1 and tactically took in some easier trail work to usher our guests in gently, allowing for them to warm up to the skill gradually. And if the scenery wasn’t enough (it absolutely was) the group were greeted with a wildlife spectacle: a pack of vultures circling overhead…

to be continued…