SME welcomes ECO Charger Quads

30th June 2021

Today, Dr Guy on behalf of Chedington hosted the Eco Charger Electric Quadbike Company. We collaboratively explored what a fully eco-electric quad safari might look like here on the estate.

Taking a day to ride on four wheels instead of two was a novelty and it was also the perfect excuse to access some of the woodland areas nearby. The morning ride took us through the 450 acres of Chedington Woods and we are most grateful to Dr & Mrs Guy’s neighbours Rob and Alex Appleby for allowing access. Dr Guy took the lead, with his clear passion and enthusiasm shining through, it was great to see.

Upon our return to Chapel Marsh Farm, John Jones (aka The Migrating Chef) had put on a fantastic spread for the team overlooking the Chedington Equestrian cross-country course.

With the Eco Charger representatives feeling charmed with Chedington and the surrounding scenery we (happily) cleared our plates and discussed the intentions for the afternoon’s ride.

The fantastic machines had taken us out and around the estate throughout the morning, displaying their capabilities, fun and potential. That afternoon we travelled along Common Water Lane to Broad Windsor and back before concluding the day’s activities. 

Silent and capable, the quads provided a unique and exciting adventure through the green scenery we have to offer here in our corner of West Dorset. We are really looking forward to seeing what might come of a Chedington X Eco Charger Quad project in the future…