Superior Sundays – Ride great bikes in incr​edible scenery

5th September 2019

The first-ever Superior Sunday group gathered in sunny Dorset last weekend. The SS day is a compressed version of the longer Dorset Superior Motorcycle Experiences adventure, and there were seven eager participants hoping to cram as much into the day as possible. The purpose of this particular day was to road-test the concept before launching it to the general public, to iron out any niggles and issues and polish it up to be truly superior…let the testing begin!

The day began with a hearty English breakfast, courtesy of the Half Moon Pub in Sherborne, a great way to fuel up for the adventure ahead. A quick walk across the empty Sunday morning high street, and the group were introduced to the SME garage where a striking array of machinery lay before them, time to choose a weapon of choice.

The Superior Sunday concept is a collaboration between Motocorsa and SME that enables the team to draw upon a vast pool of luxurious motorcycles: MV Augusta, Moto Guzzi, Benelli, Royal Enfield and of course Brough Superior make up the main stay of the offering. The group used this time in the garage at SME headquarters to gather their thoughts and prepare for the day. The ride leader, James, briefed the guests on not only their bikes but also what the day held in store for them. The first hour will take in some smooth open routes allowing for everyone to get accustomed to their machines before venturing into the spectacular scenery that makes up our Dorset back yard. 

The anticipation was at fever pitch.

James led the seven riders out of SME HQ, and after a mere two or three cobbled corners later, they found themselves out in the Dorset countryside. The group snaked and weaved through the landscape, and after some time came to the first pitstop aloft the heights of the Bulbarrow Hill view point, where the support team were on-hand to provide pastries, coffee and refreshments to the excited congregation. The riders mingled and muttered amongst one another about the miles and smiles they had experienced so far, and discussions over performance and opinion soon provided the sound track to the coffee stop

James regathered the team, and after a short description of the roads and destinations yet to come, everyone mounted up and headed off once more. This next section of route headed across open rolling farmlands and gave the riders a chance to open up the bikes and let them breathe.

The fragrance of oil seed and wild garlic tussled with everyone’s senses as they flew between open fields and enclosed copses, the weather couldn’t have been better. May ushers in the arrival of bluebell blankets and daisy-riddled pastures that elevate the breath-taking countryside beyond even its usual charm. The riders by this stage had relaxed into their new motorbikes enough that they were starting to relax into it some more, lift their chins and take in the sights and sounds that Dorset in the Springtime has to offer.

The route plan for this particular ride funnels out onto the Dorchester bypass and some two-lane dual carriageway sections. When James planned the route, he was anxious that this part might not ignite the imagination so much, but actually it gave people the opportunity to pull alongside fellow riders and push the bikes a little harder, it really seemed to light a spark within the group! Throaty overtaking and casual nods and glances were the flavour of the moment, for the first time in the ride the riders got a chance to really feel the impact of these well-designed luxuries as they viewed one another tearing through the country air, a bit of speed felt good!

Once they had cleared Dorchester the countyside once again swallowed the group as they travelled the path less trodden, exploring the hilly Jurassic heritage that is the Dorset South Coast. They made their way across the clifftops to the seaside village of West Bay and a welcome lunch stop.

The Broughs taking in the splendid sea view at West Bay

A fresh helping of fish and chips in the seaside setting of the TV series Broadchurch could not have been more well received. Again, the group enjoyed sitting and sampling the reaction to the impressive plethora of prestigious motorcycles. 

The final leg of the Superior Sunday experience in Dorset brought the riders inland of the coastal town of Bridport before offloading James’ vast knowledge of the meandering roads and valleys within deepest Dorset. 16thCentury villages and hamlets decorate the now technical and inspiring route. The riders by now felt ‘at one’ with their machines and could make the most of the last leg as they laced their way back Eastwards in the direction of home. Some firm favourites help make the final ride of the day a long lasting memory for SS customers. 

The group enjoyed belting a last few rips of the throttle as they passed the pub from breakfast, eking out the last few moments of the bike they felt lucky to have experienced. SME provided a final coffee and a debrief back at HQ in Sherborne,before the long journey home wondering “What will I choose next time?”